Cam follower Needle roller type


ชื่อ : Cam follower Needle roller type
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Cam follower Needle roller type

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     This is a bearing designed for rotation of the outer ring. A needle roller and cage assembly and a stud instead of inner ring are fitted in the thick-walled outer ring. The stud is threaded to be mounted easily. This cam follower (bearing) uses needle rollers as its rolling element and it is available with cage or full complement roller bearing type without cage.

  • The bearing type with cage is suitable to comparatively high speed running because its rollers are guided by the cage.
  • Having more rollers relative to a given size, a full complement roller type boasts greater load capacity.
  • The outer surface is available in both spherical (crowning) profile and cylindrical profile.
  • This cam follower (bearing) is selectively available is both metric and inch sizes.
  • A seal built-in type is also available.
  • The stud is either a recessed head type allowing use of ascrewdriver or hexagon socket head type so as to be mounted and adjusted easily.