Cam follower Eccentric type


ชื่อ : Cam follower Eccentric type
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Cam follower Eccentric type

หมวดหมู่ : ตลับลูกปืน NTN
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      This is a cam follower (bearing) where the studs of the needle roller type and cylindrical roller type a prescribed are made eccentric. It can then be adjusted by making eccentric
the outer ring relative position against the raceway.

  • Load distribution is easily adjustable in configuring two ormore cam followers in linear form.
  • Preload can be applied by adjustment of load distribution.
  • Alignment is possible even when the mounting hole is not processed in high accuracy.
  • The outer surface is selectively available in both spherical (crowning) profile and cylindrical profile.
  • The stud is either a recessed head type allowing use of a screwdriver or hexagon socket head type so as to be mounted and adjusted easily.