Roller follower — With axial guide —

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This roller follower is a bearing designed for
rotation of the outer ring. A needle roller and cage
assembly, an inner ring, and a face ring are
assembled in a thick-walled outer ring.
This bearing uses needle rollers as its rolling
element. It is available with a cage or full
complement roller bearing without cage. The outer
ring is guided axially by a face ring which is pressfitted
in the inner ring.


  • The outer ring is thick-walled type so that it is


resistible to high load and impact load.


  • The outer surface is available in both spherical


(crowning) profile and cylindrical profile.


  • The spherical outer ring is effective in damping


offset load which is caused by deviation in


  • The bearing with cylindrical outer ring is suitable


for cases of large load and low-hardness track
surface,due to its large area of contact with the
mating track surface.


  • This bearing is easier to handle because it needs

no mounting of a guide (thrust washer, etc.) on the
shaft unlike other types without axial guide
(RNA22, NA22).